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Myofascial Therapy Day 1 – 6 CEU Hours –

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Myofascial Therapy Workshop Day 1

10:00AM – 4:45PM
CE Hours: 6
Instructor: Sylvia Harris

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Course Description:  Fascia is the body’s scaffolding.  This course reviews the types and functions of fascia and explains how restrictions within this connective tissue can lead to postural deviation and significantly affect overall health.  Learn the basic skills to visualize, palpate and detect fascial restrictions and carry out the fascial release techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the definition and 3 types of fascia.
  • Understand the characteristics and basic functions of fascia
  • Understand the 7 principles of palpation
  • Understand 8 key elements in postural assessment in standing and lying
  • Understand the demo and description of 5 different fascial release techniques
    • Tense and release
    • Body Movement Therapy
    • Skin Rolling
    • Scar Tissue Techniques
    • Unwinding